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In an article written in the Guardian in 2014, according to some accounts, MOOC’s will revolutionise the higher education experience. MOOC’s is an acronym for ‘Massive open online courses’. Massive because they can be taken by thousands, simultaneously, open because there are simpler student enrolment processes and online because they can be accessed from anywhere on the planet that has internet accessibility. The New York Times has said that MOOC’s are ‘The revolution that has higher education gasping’.

In September 2016, we were approached by one of our senior contacts in University of London who asked us to design 2 MOOC’s for their pre-MBA programme. The MOOC’s would be uploaded to the Coursera platform.

Our 2 MOOC’s were titled ‘Management Skills for International Managers’ and ‘Professional Skills and Networking’. They included the following areas;

‘Management Skills for International Managers’;

*measuring a manager’s level of effectiveness

* key skills required to manage people

* building and motivating a team towards optimum delivery

*Inspirational leadership

*Key frameworks of motivation

*verbal and non-verbal communication

*how to successfully manage change


Professional Skills and Networking’;

*building effective stakeholder relationships

*making a positive first impression

* essential communication skills

*becoming a role model in the workplace

*effective time and resource management,

*delegation in all directions

*personal brand


Our MOOC’s were a combination of interviews where we were both involved and we also interviewed several subject matter experts. Our content was regularly underpinned with theories and frameworks as we sought to achieve the appropriate pragmatic and conceptual balance. There were regular opportunities for our students to reinforce their learning via questions, assignments and self-reflection.

This was a very exciting and substantial piece of work involving many stakeholders both inside and outside of the University. For example, our film crews and executive interviewees. Thoughtful and robust stakeholder management was therefore an essential aspect of our positive progress. Throughout the ‘can do’ approach of everyone involved was very evident as for many of us this was a new adventure.

We delivered ahead of all the set deadlines, continue to receive very positive feedback from our students from all parts of the world. Currently have well over 5000 subscribers to our MOOCs, with more students are enrolling each week through the Coursera platform.

The overall project was a terrific experience, we learnt so much about ourselves and from others. We met and worked with some great people and with reflection see our experience to be very positive and successful. We are very pleased to receive regular positive feedback from our students, usually via LinkedIn. We have also established several positive business relationships and continue to work with some of the providers we worked with on our MOOC’s.

We would be delighted to be involved in researching, designing and delivering MOOC’s in the future.

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