Starting your Business


DJ Learning Ltd is a Provider of Inspirational Learning and Development in HR, Leadership, Change Management, Customer Service, Individual Personal Development, Stakeholder Management and Understanding Financial Information (including Financial Statements).

Our purpose is to help your organisation to achieve even more as a direct result of our Learning Interventions.

Our training is engaging and seeks to add measurable value to all the key stakeholders.


Starting your Business


  • To explore what is needed when starting your own business
  • To identify the key skills and competencies needed to start and successfully run your own business
  • To gain an understanding of the business environment
  • To identify the key stakeholders and explore their respective priorities
  • To consider the importance of short and long term planning
  • To consider the importance of having a clear vision
  • To explore how you can effectively market your product or service offering
  • For participants to articulate a realistic and pragmatic series of objectives/actions as they seek to launch their own business


Our Learning Interventions are bespoke and will be prepared after gaining a full understanding of our Client’s requirements.
This Event can be delivered in one day or multiple days, by face to face, blended or distance learning depending on client needs.

To find out more about our courses and events please click here to email one of our friendly staff. One of our most important policies we have is to ensure we get back to you as soon as  possible.