Inspiration is Contagious – sharing our core beliefs with you

The last 6 months have been very exciting and challenging for us here at DJ Learning Ltd. Now is a great opportunity to share our adventures with you as this is our first of what will be regular blogs as we launch our new website.

Developing the website has been a real eye opener, something neither of us had done before. However, with a project plan, an emphasis on our key beliefs and principles and working with an excellent web designer (Neil Williams @ Celtic Studios) we are delighted with the result.

Every aspect of our website had to be just right, embracing what we are about. For example, our logo was designed after hours of evolving thought and research Similarly, everything you see when you access our website needed to embrace our clear message that ‘Nothing is impossible if you believe’.

We feel that it is vital to keep our core principles at the heart of everything we do. We passionately believe in lifelong learning and that your personal development has no boundaries and further, should be lifelong. We also believe that ‘Inspiration is contagious’ and we portray this philosophy at every stage of our Client interaction.

Another unbelievably exciting opportunity arose in the middle of last year, to work on 2 M.O.O.C.s (‘Massive Open Online Course) with the University of London. We were asked to produce 2 M.O.O.C.s for the University of London’s pre-MBA course. These are titled ‘Management skills for International Business’ and ‘Professional Skills for International Business’. To our knowledge, we were the only externals invited to be part of the team tasked with developing these global learning offerings.

There were many aspects to this project. Our M.O.O.C.s needed live filming of both us, discussing the key areas of learning across each Study Week. For example, measuring a manager’s level of effectiveness, verbal and non-verbal communication, effective change management and motivation. We also needed to provide a range of resources for further reading, produce assessments, discussion forums and offer opportunities for reflective learning. We are delighted with the outcome and both MOOC’s have gone live on the Coursera platform. We have already received very encouraging feedback from the University of London with levels of enrolment being very high for both our M.O.O.C.s. We felt privileged to be part of the University of London team and would be delighted to work with them again.

So we hope you are all set for our new week and the adventures that are ahead. Some planned and that should run to schedule, others that we have no idea that are waiting for us to navigate through.

It would be great if you had chance to look at our website and let us know what you think.

We hope to have the opportunity to discuss with you the ways in which we can make a real difference to your organisation’s performance.


‘Nothing is impossible if you believe’

Very best wishes,

David and Oliver.

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